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i love gifs where i just really can’t figure out what the plan was


Remember when Carlton lost his virginity?

my world is shattered ive been loving my suicune and all this time i thought it was “soo-ih-soon” and apparently its “sweecoon” …

wow tonight is great got my favorite underwear and favorite pajamas in a clean sheeted bed with my puppy and peanut butter cereal and a pokemon movie with the full moon shining in through the window

why are maid of honor and best man speeches even a thing?? like why??? i can tell my sister im happy for her marriage without speaking in front of 100 people im gonna sabotage all of my sisters relationships so she never gets married so i never have to give a speech 

when is pokemon snap 2 coming out?


😂😂😂😂😂😩😩😂 by Hunter Douglas

Idina Menzel - Elsa has sex for the first time
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I was collecting the voice files from Disney Infinity when I noticed that Elsa’s are arranged and performed in a rather…amusing way.

Performed by Idina Menzel herself

im crying

What the fuck

???? uuuummmmm

I can’t breathe.

are you kidding me

Yaaaaaaaaay I finally got a meloetta! The rest don’t even matter now